Thursday, January 13, 2011

Helping and healing hands

I have been stuck at home for 4 days now due to a pretty messy snow/ice storm that hit Atlanta Sunday night. Thankfully there were no power outages, and I was able to get stocked up on groceries and other essentials over the weekend before the storm hit. I also had nowhere I *really* had to be, so I was able to stay at home, safe, warm and dry.

The down time has given me an opportunity to refocus on where I want to go with my pet sitting business. I am adding on a couple new services- one now- animal Reiki treatments, and one soon- administering subcutaneous fluids to cats. I would like to get some more hands on experience with the fluids before adding it.

Since last August I have been a Reiki practitioner. Reiki is an energy healing technique developed in Japan in the 1900's by Usui Mikao. More info here Everyone can benefit from Reiki, humans, pets, plants, foods, any living thing.

I practice a daily self-treatment and have given treatments (with their owner’s permission of course) to some of my pet sitting clients. I have had some amazing experiences when treating these animals. Which is why I really want to add this to my pet sitting business. It has helped me to heal and I wish to help bring this healing to others, animals and people alike.

The first time I gave an animal treatment was to a 13 yr. old Dalmatian named Michael. Michael shares a home with 5 other dogs, and 2 wonderful owners. He has some arthritis in his hips and back and has trouble walking at times. He gets around as best as he can, trying to keep up with his very energetic housemates. During his first treatment he was laying down on the rug in his living room. I sat down beside him and respectfully asked his permission to administer Reiki to him. If an animal is open to Reiki they will give you a sign of some sort. Usually either relaxing or making a sound and rubbing against your hand. Michael sighed and closed his eyes.

I started the treatment, which involved me placing my hands on and above various areas of his body. He continued to relax and soon was sleeping soundly. I felt lots of heat in my hands while over his lower back and hip areas, a sign that meant this was where he needed treatment the most. I lingered there for several minutes. Michael continued to sleep, at times his legs would twitch, but as the treatment went on this lessened. The whole session lasted approximately 30 minutes. Afterward I gave treatments to a couple more of Michael's housemates, with varying reactions. Roonie, whom I am in love with-he's an adorable Corgi mix, who steals my socks and loves to snuggle- just laid on my lap and snored, totally at peace. Gabe, a handsome Border collie mix, seemed a little nervous, but relaxed towards the end.

Over the course of the week I was there, I gave Michael a few more treatments. One night he seemed very restless, pacing around, going outside and barking, just not able to settle down. Finally at 2:30 am I gave him a treatment. He slept soundly the rest of the night.

I have also been giving treatments to many of the cats at Furkids- a local no-kill shelter for cats. I volunteer there a couple days week- cleaning rooms, socializing, and giving medicines to some of the cats.

Most of the cats, especially the sicker ones, are very receptive to Reiki. They usually start purring and rub their heads against my palms. The first time I gave a treatment was to Dinah who had bad eye and ear infections. She moved her head against my hands, pushing her ears against my palms to make sure the Reiki got where it needed to go. She purred the whole time.

The most heartwarming experience I've had was with China, an older cat with some facial deformities and I believe some arthritis in her legs and hips. She had some eye infections and had also gotten dehydrated and wasn't eating very well. I picked her up to get her out of her cage, and she snuggled against me. I asked her if I could give her some Reiki to help with her healing. She meowed and started purring. I held her against my chest as I began the treatment. She snuggled in just as close as she could get and purred even louder. I felt her body relaxing more and more as the treatment went on. My own body was relaxing too.

I am looking forward to seeing where these new additions to my repertoire bring me, and looking forward to meeting my new clients in 2011!